Campus Protocols

OB Elementary will reopen for in-person learning on Monday, August 30th!

Here's everything you need to know


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What to Expect

On-site students will attend Monday through Friday, 7:45am to 2:10pm.  Thursdays will be a minimum day with all students being dismissed at 12:15pm.


Arriving at School

EVERY DAY: Parents will be required to verify their child has no COVID symptoms before coming on campus. You will need to take your child's temperature and complete a daily symptom checklist to show your child's teacher. No student will be allowed on campus without a daily symptom checklist. There are two ways to complete the form:

When you arrive at school, each class must line up at its designated entrance. Please practice social distancing and stay 5' apart from other students in line. Students will meet their teacher or another OBE staff member, who will check their daily symptom checklist and show them to their classroom. Family members will not be allowed on campus.

Designated entrances by teacher

map of campus entrances with teacher names

Health and Safety Information

  • Students must wear masks at all times except when eating, drinking, or taking a supervised mask break.
  • All windows and doors will remain open in the classrooms and CO2 monitoring will be performed to ensure adequate air exchange. Our new A/C system will be running with MERV-13 filters installed. All classrooms will also have two air purifiers.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in every classroom. Extra cleaning supplies / wipes are also available in the classrooms to keep surfaces clean.
  • Students will be required to wash/sanitize their hands upon arriving at school, before and after recess and lunch, and before you go home for the day.

Classroom Information

  • Students will remain with their current teacher.
  • Students will be seated no closer than 5’ apart from each other.
  • All students must bring their school-issued Chromebook and charger to school every day. Kids will be completing assignments online just like before and will also participate in Zoom breakout rooms with students learning from home.


  • All students will be provided a lunch free of charge. Lunch will be a “grab and go” meal with a warm entrée. Lunch will be eaten outside.
  • Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch from home if they prefer.
  • Students will sit with their classmates – mixing with other classes will not be allowed.
  • We have created additional eating areas on the blacktop to ensure social distancing. Students will be seated no closer than 5’ apart.

Recess/Playground Information

  • Students will be able to use the playground and playground equipment. However, there are some changes this year due to COVID protocols.
  • All classes will have an assigned area to play in and cannot mix with other classes or go to another area of the playground. Classes will rotate through different play areas throughout the week.
  • Masks must be worn on the playground at all times.
  • Students can remove their masks to eat and drink outdoors in designated snack areas so long as they stay 5' apart. Remember to bring a snack every day!
  • All the water fountains located around the playground have been retrofitted with bottle refill spouts so that students can fill their water bottles. However, kids will no longer be allowed to drink directly from the fountains. Be sure to bring a water bottle!

    Please know all of us are doing our best to provide a great experience for all students whether online or onsite. Onsite learners will need to be prepared for a very different type of school experience. Classrooms will look very different than before. Much of the first week (and even the second) will be teaching procedures on how to be in compliance with the new protocols. I ask for your patience and flexibility as we all go through this experience. 

    Additional Information

    Be sure to send your child with a properly-fitting mask in an approved style. The following table shows acceptable vs. unacceptable styles of masks. We will have extra masks available for students who lose or damage their masks at school. 

    Acceptable vs. unacceptable styles of masks

    Mitigation & Monitoring Certification

    Mitigation and Monitoring Certification

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